TRX Suspension Training

For gyms goers and trainers alike, the TRX Suspension System has become a mainstay. Trainers has fallen in love with the system due to the wide range of exercises that can be done in a small space, but also because of the systems portability. Long are the days where a traveling trainer would load up his car with exercise equipment to ensure that they’re at home clients get the “gym experience”. The TRX is portable and can be used anywhere, making it a must for any at home or outdoor workouts.

A Brief History

Originally known as the Travel X system, while on deployment, Navy SEAL Squadron Commander Randy Hetrick creates the first version of TRX using only a jiu jitsu belt and parachute webbing. It was mainly developed as a travel system to help keep his fellow SEALs in shape in remote parts of the world by using body weight as the source of resistance. After receiving an MBA from Stanford, Hetrick began selling and marketing his system out of the trunk of his car which soon gathered attention from gyms and fitness enthusiasts. The name changed to TRX Suspension System and soon the company had established its headquarters in San Francisco. Now an international company, the TRX Suspension System holds certification courses around the world and has partnered with organizations like the NFL and others.

Benefits of TRX Suspension System


The TRX can be used for all levels because of the ability to change difficulty level, due to how parallel the participant is in comparison to the floor (think of a pushup off the wall compared to a pushup off the floor). The body position change can increase or decrease the load allowing beginners to advance levels to use the TRX effectively.


Every body part can be utilized with the TRX system. From push to pull to squat to abs, the system can be adjusted to get an effective workout anytime, anywhere. The band length can be adjusted quickly allowing little down time for an effective HIIT workout.

Bullet Proof Core

By nature, the TRX is an unstable system. Because of this, the core is constantly engaged and activated. The core is the foundation to every type of motion and to move, look, and feel better, the core needs to be strong and stabilized. All movements with the TRX help brace and stabilize the abs, obliques and lower back to help create leverage throughout the movement.

Low Impact

There is very little pounding of the joints with the TRX. Because of how the suspension system works, there is very little stress placed across the joints which decreases the chance of injury and allows the ability to train multiple times a week.


Sometimes a little change is what is needed to spark up a new joy in a routine. The TRX adds a small, yet significant, change to any bodyweight exercise which can help break the monotony. The TRX can breaks the tediousness of going to the gym and challenge the body unlike any other training system.

Does it work?

As a tool in the tool box, yes, as the only tool in the tool box, no. The TRX is a great system to add to any routine. It will help develop strength but some of the exercises can be difficult if a solid training base has not been established. The system is actually a great tool for beginners because it can help with some stability issues in the shoulders and core. For example, if a client can not do a pushup from the floor, the TRX is a great option to be able to establish the movement and also create more difficulty in the future. The only real flaw with the TRX is the inability to overload the system. Overloading puts a tremendous amount of stress on a muscle, forcing it to adapt, which usually means growth. Used alone and not in tandem within a training protocol, the chance for hypertrophy can be somewhat far-fetched due to the fact that there is no overloading. Yes, there will be muscle development, but maybe not the desired effect if someone was a fitness competitor. Once again, this is a minor flaw in a great device and really should not be considered a negative. Overall, the TRX is a must. It can compliment any routine at any fitness level and can be an effective tool to help increase strength as well as stability throughout the body.

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