The Perfect Squat.

If the workout gods came down and gave us mere mortals only one exercise, it would be the squat. 

The reason for this is that it is a perfect total body exercise. To do a perfect squat, a tremendous amount of muscle groups need to be incorporated to help stabilize the body to perform the exercise.

Super Steve the Muscle Man.

As shown by "Steve", the squat works the entire body! The lower extremities move the body up and down but the core stabilizes the trunk allowing for spine and core stability. 

So Easy A Baby Can Do It.

What does the perfect squat look like? Follow these simple seven rules.

So Many Squats, So Little Time.

A squat can be performed in many ways, from a barbell on the back, to holding a sandbag to the chest. Try one of these many variations but remember to follow the seven steps for squat madness!

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