How to master the Kettlebell swing?

Updated: Mar 1, 2018

We are often asked by many of our clients, "What can I do when I have limited time and space?". Our answer a majority of the time is, "Get yourself a kettlebell!" Althought this nifty little Russian import has become more known and accessable in the last 20 years, still very little is known how to use it in a safe and meaningful manner. Let us go over the basics.

Why the Kettlebell?

In our humble opinion, the kettlebell swing meets all requirements in getting a total body workout. It activates everything from the neck down, and we mean EVERYTHING! It is the perfect combination between building strength and cardiovascular ability and it takes very little space and time. The kettlebell swing is the base to most all other kettlebell movements and mastering it is key in order to prevent injury and maximize it's effectiveness. Here are some tips to help.

Hips first

Keep the back straight

Keep the core tight

Make sure that the shoulders are "pulled back"

Keep your wrist string and the elbows straight

One TIP is not more important than the other, THEY ARE ALL IMPORTANT!

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