The Best Chest Workout Ever!

There is a reason that Monday is known as International Chest Day. Gyms around the world are flooded with men and women who occupy every chest exercise machine or bench and pump the pecs. In most traditional workout routines, chest exercises or chest day starts a series of exercise routines for the week. But why start with chest day?

The chest is a major muscle group. Depending on weekend activities, it might be a muscle group that is the most fresh because of its underused during the weekend. It is also a familiar muscle group and a great chest routine can fire up the rest of the week of workouts. Scientifically, there is something primal about a strong upper body. As a society, we have ingrained strength, abundance, and security with big strong men who can protect the village. More than likely, it has become monkey see monkey do. Everyone else is doing bench on Monday, so why not?! In the end, the reasons do not matter. Before we get started, let’s look at the muscle group of the chest.

There are three major muscles of the chest: pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, and the serratus anterior. To simply put things, these muscle are responsible for “push” exercises of the upper body.

Pectoralis Major

As is indicated by the name, the pec major is the largest muscle of the chest. It covers the most ground of the chest from everything from the clavicle, ribs, and sternum all the way to the upper portion of the humerus.

Pectoralis Minor

This muscle, although very strong, is the little brother of the pec major. It is located under the pec major and attaches to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th ribs and reaches all the way back to the shoulder blade (scapula). It helps pull the shoulder forward and down.

Serratus Anterior

Although this muscle is not typically thought of or known as a chest muscle, it does get grouped into chest anatomy because of its location. It attached near the pec on the ribs and help with movement of the scapula.

Now that we are familiar with the muscle of the chest, check out the video below of a killer chest routine to maximize chest development.

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