Perfect Body Weight Exercises That Can Be Done Anywhere

Sometimes getting to the gym can be a challenge. Life can throw some curve-balls, which can consume the day making it virtually impossible to get to the gym. No gym? No problem! Here is a list of exercises that can be done anywhere to help keep us on track in our everyday hectic lives.


The staple in any exercise program. Every exercise regimen works in push-ups in some way shape or form. Tired of regular old push-ups? Here are variations of the age-old classic!

· Incline Push-ups

· Single Arm Push-ups

· Close and Wide Grip Push-ups

· Isometric Wipers

· Staggered Hands Push-ups

· Plyometric Push-ups

The list can continue on forever. The point being, there are a ton of different styles of push-ups that can supercharge any workout and break the monotony of the classic military style push-up.


Pull-up bar, door frame, tree branch. This exercise can be done anywhere. When performing the pull-up, DON’T KIP! What is kipping? Violently swinging the hips to help create momentum in order to assist in pulling the chest to the bar. There is literature for and against this movement but for our purposes, do a strict pull-up.


Like push-ups, the granddaddy of all leg exercise are squats. They are just perfect in every form. There is also more than one version of a squat that can be utilized to break the monotony of doing the traditional squats. Want to try something new? Check out these versions of the squat.

· Lunges

· Bridges

· Plyometric Exercises

· Single Leg Squats


These can be done anywhere. Most exercises we know and do already at our gym. Here is a brief list of abs exercises that can be done ANYWHERE!

· Plank

· Crunch

· Bicycles

· Russian Twists

· Leg Lifts

Now that we know how there are more than one variation on our favorite body weight exercise, let’s set-up an at home circuit?

Choose one or more of some of the exercises listed. For example, plyometric push-ups, pull-ups, walking lunges and bicycles. Set a clock or timer for 15 minutes and do as many rounds as possible of ten reps per exercise. There are an infinite amount of ways to set up a home circuit. This is quite possibly my favorite. It is both simple and effective. Get creative and try your own version at home today!

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