Meet our Client of the Month, PETER!

Peter is an extraordinary example as to how being fit is not only measured on the scale but measured by how ones’ lifestyle can dramatically enhance by introducing more movement into ones’ life. This means like the things able bodied people take for granted. Like tying ones’ shoes. Did you know that for years, Peter can only tie his shoes on the inside of his shoe rather then in the middle of the tongue of the shoe because he didn’t have the flexibility? Instead of going to public places sitting comfortably, Peter would rather stand because he was afraid that the chairs wouldn’t hold him. When walking, every little step was critically calibrated because one missed step would mean his stability would take his feet right out from him. While swimming was natural for most of us Californian’s, Peter from New York was always afraid of tight spaces because he was afraid of being confined; so, a pool was out of the question.

With all these fears with Peter seem trivial for most able-bodied people, these were things that Strong House Training focuses on. With our guidance, Peter was able to face most of these fears and handicaps now with ease and willingness. He can tie his shoes in the middle rather then to the side by bending over fluidly. He can find a place to sit knowing he is strong enough to catch himself safely. If he stumbles when he walks, he can gracefully activate his stability muscle without a fall to the floor. And… HE JUST STARTED TO LEARN HOW TO SWIM!

This is what makes Peter a Strong House Training Client of the Month. Sure, his body is cha

nging; but he is now finding the life tools to help him make the choices he needs to live a much longer and happier life. Strong House Training isn’t just a place to get fit and look great, that’s a secondary result to the change in your everyday life. It’s a place to grow with support and knowledge.

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