Making You Move - TRX Chest Press

In the Strong House World, the TRX is one of the most underutilized piece of equipment that is used in health and fitness. Most gyms come with some sort of TRX or other type of suspension system but they are rarely used and when they are used, they can be used incorrectly. Like any piece of exercise equipment, proper execution is key for maximum efficiency but also for maximum safety. First, let us look at the muscle that are used in the TRX Chest Press.

Chest bump me bro!

Most of us are familiar with the muscle in our chest, specifically the pectoralis major. That is the big, bulky one that we see on most body builder's chests. There are several other muscles that make up or are connected to the rib cage that contribute to chest development but the two major muscles are the pectoralis major and minor. Other smaller muscles help stabilize and manipulate the shoulder and arms.

What does it do?

  • Raises and lowers arms

  • Rotate arms in and out

  • Any movement that brings the arm together, like clapping

  • Assist in breathing by pulling on the rib cage

Why The TRX?

Like most pushing exercises, the TRX Chest Press focuses on the chest but it is also considered a calisthenics exercise. But because of the naute of the TRX system, the chest press  also targets the abs, calves, forearms, glutes, middle back, shoulders and triceps. With more traditional chest exercises, these muscles are used to a much lesser extent. The TRX mimics a more functional movement in out daily lives.

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