5 Easy Ways to Stay in Shape

Fitness is all around us. It does not have to be limited to just our local gym. There a little steps that can be taken everyday in order to ensure a happy and healthy life that have a minimal impact on our daily lives.


At the end of a long day, sometimes it feels nice to do decompress in front of the television. This is also a perfect time to get some fitness into our lives. Instead of fast forwarding through commercials, take that time to do some sort of exercise. Make a game out of it. See how many push-ups can be done in a commercial break and then try to beat it in the subsequent sessions. It does not have to be push-ups. It can be anything really. Choose any exercise and let it fly! 


This can and should be done at any job. Many jobs involve sitting at a desk and plugging away at a computer or phone. Every hour take at least five minutes and stretch out the arms, lower back and legs. Stretching increases blood flow, decreases tension and decreases muscle soreness from sitting all day. Stretching is also extremely important for physical demanding jobs. Stretching helps relax over active muscles and helps prevent injuries.


Standing at the desk has made it's way into offices around the globe. It has been proven to vastly superior to sitting at work. Standing at working actually burns more calories than sitting and it also helps return blood sugar levels back to normal faster than sitting. Also, it have been proven to help with posture, shoulder and neck pain.


Going up a few flights? Take the stairs! Instead of waiting for the elevator to go up only a few stories, jump into the stairwell and get those steps in! Not only does stair work help build strong legs and bullet proof glutes, usually it is quicker than the elevator. Sure going up 50 stories multiple times a day might not be practical, but taking the stairs a couple times a week can really help maintain a caloric deficit to help lose weight.


A smile comes to everyone's face when they pull into a busy parking lot and find an open space right in front of the store.  For whatever reason we feel in tune with the world. Instead of using that spot or driving around the parking lot waiting for the "perfect" spot, try parking farther form the store. This allows for a few extra steps (aka calorie burn!) throughout the day but also fewer people park far away. This helps with those mysterious door dings, nicks and scratches that seem to appear after a shopping spree. The most important thing to remember though is BE SAFE! Dark parking lots are scary for a good reason, dark things live in dark spaces.

Try these five simple life hacks today and walk on the road to a happy and healthy life!

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